Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Ironman Breakfast Burritos

nom nom nom

The first time I ate these for breakfast was at a trout camp on the lower Au Sable with a bunch of guys from across the northeast and great lakes.  A good friend, Mike, cooked this in a large wok he brought with him from NY and everyone in the cabin raved about them for the rest of the trip.  The thing that I love about this recipe is anyone can make it, yet whether you eat this at home or in the backwoods, you feel like you're eating something prepared by a 5-star chef.  

  • 12 large eggs
  • 1lb ground breakfast sausage.  I like the Johnsonville Mild.
  • Softshell Tortillas
  • Colby Jack, or similar, shredded cheese
  • Green Salsa, the spicier the better.
Serves 4'ish

Cook sausage in a wok style pan.  Set aside and wrap in tinfoil to stay hot.  Leave sausage grease in the wok and scramble eggs in the grease.  Put sausage and eggs on a tortilla.  Add green salsa and cheese.  Wrap up and enjoy. 

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