Sunday, December 15, 2019

DS19 Part 39: Still Hunting with the Muzzleloader

I didn't get out at all during rifle season.  It was kind of on purpose and kind of a case of the time just slipping away during a few weeks of craziness at work playing catchup after being gone, heading back to Ohio to visit family for the Thanksgiving holiday, and if I'm honest, needing a break from the woods to recharge my batteries a little. 

Drove around the PRC a little yesterday to scout where muzzleloading hunting pressure is.  Tons of people in the woods right now with late elk season also in progress.  Saw a little deer sign driving around and figured out where I would hunt today.

First stop was Lance's to borrow his muzzleloader.  I sent him to a spot a couple weeks ago and he got a nice 8pt with his rifle.  That was pretty cool and he was grateful for the tip, and insisted I take his muzzleloader for a walk.  

I still hunted a long transition between a marsh, pines and an oak ridge.  20 minutes into the hunt, a deer crossed in front of me but I wasn't able to get the gun up fast enough to get a shot.  A few steps later, another passed.  The woods opened up 20yds in front of me, if I could just get around a small group of pines, I'd have a shot at one.  I stalked forward through the shin deep snow as quietly as I could, but 5yds before I got to the pines, the deer bolted.  

I probably won't be able to get out again until the weekend after Christmas.  Two tags still need to be filled.

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