Saturday, November 9, 2019

DS19 Part 38: Jason Finds His Buck

We slept in till 7am and hiked in to where Jason shot his buck. He did a good job finding the spot, and was basically within bow range of where I wanted him to set up when I sent him there. On the hike in we almost got trampled by a group of doe that were getting pushed by a small buck. Both of us scrambled to hide behind trees as they ran past us.  I felt for sure I was going to get run over.

I had him walk me through his hunt and we quickly got on the buck's trail. There was no blood, just running tracks in the leaves. As we came through some briars, he spotted his dead buck just down the ridge, a 2.5 year old 8pt.

While he quartered it, I scouted the area and found some classic buck bedding.

Note the bed at the base of the tree.  Classic!
Also found a double sign post rub. Cant wait to go back next year. Both of these trees were about 10" in diameter.  Its like a cathedral.

On the hike out, we dropped the pack and gridded the area I hunted. The mule kick I saw when I shot at the buck the night before still haunted me. But we didnt find a dead deer or any clues that I hit it. The rest of the day was spent processing our deer back at camp. Tagged out, we're both heading back home tomorrow.

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