Sunday, November 3, 2019

DS19 Part 32: Rutcation Day 2

Rutcation, end of day 2 and so much has happened already I'm starting to forget stuff. Mostly scouting and observation sits so far. Seen 3 bucks and a half dozen does. Two of the bucks were in range but too small to shoot this early in the trip. I pointd Jason in the direction of an area that I didn't spend much time in last season but has all the ingredients for a good spot and he has already seen five bucks and a few does. He passed a 120" 10pt. I hope he doesnt regret it. Two nights, total of about 8 hours of sleep. Starting to get my hill legs and feeling all of it. Its the good kind of suck.

Had chicken enchiladas for dinner last night and Hungarian goulash with fresh pasta tonight. Heading to bed. Scrapes everywhere. The deer are moving in places during daylight deer shouldn't be moving.  When they come across your entrance or exit route, they don't turn around and go the other way- in fact, they have followed it a couple times.  It's like they've never been hunted. That doesn't mean its gonna be easy, just the opposite. How do you predict deer that are unpredictable?

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