Thursday, November 7, 2019

DS19 Part 36: Rain Day

Stayed up late last night visiting with my mom and did dishes with her. Didnt get to bed till 1130pm, so with that and a full day of rain forecast for today, I decided to skip this morning, sleep in and get caught up on some laundry. Gonna head out after lunch, rest that spot for today and try again tomorrow morning. Not sure yet where I will hunt tonight, maybe do an observation sit with the bow a 1/4 mile north and see what I see or just go somewhere completely new. That's 21 sits on the season. 10 or 12 more before I have to go back to MI. I love hunting here, I love the hills, the briars, the crp, the balanced buck to doe ratio, the age classes you see and the warmer November weather.

Not a fan of the ticks though 

I dont mind hunting in a light rain, but it was just heavy enough that I didnt want to risk losing a blood trail. Watched the radar all day and had an opening in the clouds around 3pm. Got to the spot I was going to hunt and sat in my car till the rain slowed and hiked in. It stopped raining just after I was set up. Didnt see anything and climbed down at dark.

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