Tuesday, March 31, 2020

DS20 Part 11: Swamp Oaks

You hear that? You hear angels singing that hallelujah song? I can. They’ve been on full blast in my head since I found out that the big point that goes out in the marsh I talked about in my last post has an island of mature oaks in the center of it. There is also another island across the marsh on the other point that was kind of cut out of the screenshot I took.

Definitely gonna to need to scout that other point, too, while I’m out there this weekend. I’d really like to hit both points in the same day, dial in where bedding is, and then knowing where the oaks are, start thinking about different stand locations for different winds.

So I changed my scouting plan, basically doubling the mileage to 6 miles. That will be a full day, gonna need to pack a lunch.

This whole area of the marsh feels like its ideal for a South or Southeast wind based on the terrain and the nearest two tracks for access. It could definitely work for a west or east wind, too, as deer could move to either side of the islands or points. The islands seem like they should be the place to bed for a northerly wind. It will be interesting to find out if the sign matches up with all that. Either way, it will be a great learning experience.

2020 Stats

Money Spent on New Gear: $443.20
Miles driven for Scouting or Hunting: 411
Hours Cyberscouting: 11
Miles Scouted: 29.5
Sits: 0
Arrows Flung in Practice: 141
Deer Seen on Stand in Range: 0
Deer Drawn On: 0
Deer Missed: 0

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