Wednesday, February 12, 2020

DS20 Part 4: Switching to a Saddle

2020 Stats
Miles driven for Scouting or Hunting: 86
Hours Cyberscouting: 5
Miles Scouted: 6
Sits: 0
Arrows Flung in Practice: 117
Deer Seen on Stand in Range: 0
Deer Drawn On: 0
Arrows Flung at Deer: 0
Deer Killed: 0
Money Spent on New Gear: $443.20

It was good to kind of not think about deer in January, my batteries are fully charged again. My saddle came from Aerohunter. The flex is super comfortable. I am kind of through the weight weenie phase, but I was curious what kind of weight savings the saddle would give me. It's a lot.

My climbing method will still be beast sticks, so no weight difference there. Same for my linemans rope and tether- been using a tether style rope as a tree strap for years. The differences are going from a full body harness to a saddle and treestand to a ring of steps.

My harness is a muddy ambush or something like that and weighs 2.78lbs. My flex with sewn in webbing bridge weighs 2.36lbs. So I save a half pound there. My treestand weighed about 12.5lbs. The ring of steps (4 squirrel steps with an OCB strap) weighs 1.3lbs, so I'm saving about 11lbs there. I'm also saving the 2lbs that my hunt comfort seat added.

Roughly 13.5 less pounds is kind of huge.

I am doing homework on a new arrow build for next season. I'm really sick of all the red on the maxima reds. I know it seems silly, but it just drives me nuts looking at that wall of red in the quiver. Deer must see it for miles...  Lots of shafts out there so I let my OCD kick in and I entered the spine, grains per inch, ID, OD, and straightness for every Easton, carbon express, gold tip, victory, black eagle, day six, etc shaft currently sold. Computer isnt in front of me but it was like 450 different shafts. It took about 4 hours, but it was totally worth it cause I'm turning that spreadsheet into an arrow calculator. Working out some of the more advanced formulas and will share it with the forum when it's done. It will predict or calculate FOC, speed, KE, momentum, etc. All the numbers. Like I said, OCD...

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