Thursday, February 20, 2020

DS20 Part 5: Winter Camping Prep

All packed up for a backcountry camping and scouting trip this weekend. Going to meet up with a buddy and hike about 2.5 miles into a local public land area and set up camp for the weekend. He plans to just kind of explore the area back there, I am going with plans to deer scout all day Saturday and maybe a little sunday morning. We will hike out sunday around lunch time.

Night time temps friday night will be the worst of it, mid 20s, and then it isnt too bad, low of around 30 Saturday night. Both days will be pretty dang nice, mid 30s saturday and low 40s sunday. Snowshoes are packed, we are sitting on around 2 or 3 feet of snow in the woods, it's been a pretty mild winter with most of that accumulating over the last month. At least it feels that way.

I'm not expecting to learn a lot from actual deer sign, most rubs are going to be under snow and all sign will be late winter sign, but I'm hoping to find a big track or two, backtrack, and locate bedding locations.

2020 Stats
Money Spent on New Gear: $443.20
Miles driven for Scouting or Hunting: 160
Hours Cyberscouting: 5
Miles Scouted: 7
Sits: 0
Arrows Flung in Practice: 124
Deer Seen on Stand in Range: 0
Deer Drawn On: 0
Deer Missed: 0
Deer Shot: 0
Deer Killed: 0

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