Monday, February 3, 2020

DS20 Part 3:


2020 Stats
Miles driven: 86
Hours Cyberscouting: 4
Miles Scouted: 6
Sits: 0
Arrows Flung in Practice: 84
Deer Seen on Stand in Range: 0
Deer Drawn On: 0
Arrows Flung at Deer: 0
Deer Killed: 0
Money Spent on New Gear: $443.20

February came kinda fast. Been doing a little cyberscouting here and there, and my first on the ground scouting yesterday. Floated 6 miles of river and marked all of the deer crossing and watering locations. Been packing away at the gear needed list. Picked up a ring of steps to use with my saddle purchase, also got a new pair of mittens bringing my gear purchase total to $443. Kinda hoping my wife never reads this. Still need arrows, broadhead blades, and kill tags.

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