Saturday, October 5, 2019

DS19 Part 23: Apples

Awesome hunt this morning! Used onx to get about where I thought I needed to be in the dark at a spot I had only scouted online. Curled up on the ground in my ghillie suit by a small patch of aspen trees. Grey light comes and apple trees start to materialize in front of me, to the sides, and behind me.  Felt like I hit the lottery!

Didnt see any bucks but I had a group of four doe's come through at about 25yds around 830. Walking out I passed even more apple trees, must have been an old orchard or something that is now mostly overgrown on the edge of a cedar swamp. No buck sign or large tracks but I left a trail camera behind to see who else lives there. Just got home, eating lunch, gonna watch the beginning of the Michigan game and head back out for the evening hunt.

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