Sunday, October 20, 2019

DS19 Part 28: Crazy Quiet

Hit some hill country tonight. We had a light west wind forecast so I guesstimated that there may be a buck bedded on the east side of this hill, and that deer would be traveling that east side to take advantage of rising thermals and the leeward wind direction.

The original plan was to keep circling and come up the north side to about the upper third elevation but it was just too dang quiet. I decided to just get just out of sight from where I thought the deer might be bedded, just downhill from a little bench that pops out. I also had to wait until the sun dropped and the leeward side was shaded, hoping to make my way up on a falling thermal. It all went great, really, though it took forever to keep the deer from hearing me. Even moving along at a snails pace, the crackling leaves under my feet sounded like I was crumpling up a bag of chips.

Squirrels were out in force. The ground in this area is covered in acorns and they fell throughout the hunt. I am benched till next weekend, then its archery deer camp with a bunch of buddies. Then the following weekend I head to OH for 13 days. Probably going to adopt a brown it's down attitude next weekend.

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