Thursday, October 31, 2019

DS19 Part 30: My City Was Gone

Halloween. Where did October go? My season isnt going as planned. Things were going right until I had to go to Mexico for a week and then it's been slow going. But tomorrow is November and we all get a clean slate.

I was born in Ohio and lived there till we moved to northern Michigan when I was 14. I hated Michigan at first, but then I went back to Ohio and it wasnt as great as I remembered it. I learned to hate the buckeye state. Flat, boring, bad drivers, crime and drugs everywhere. My parents moved back when I was in my mid 20's for work, I stayed in MI, took a job in the adirondacks for 5 years, then came back to northern MI. This is home.

Tomorrow I go back, again, for my second hunting trip there as an adult.  I'm leaving after work, should land super late at night, then I'm gonna get up early and check the trail cams I set in July. Then I'm gonna speed scout 3 or 4 properties, and if time permits, do an observation sit in the evening.  Jason is driving up from Georgia to meet me and should land in the late afternoon.  Then I'm cooking chicken enchiladas for dinner and hunting dusk to dawn through the 11th, then I'm gonna go visit my dad for a couple days until I have to come back to work on the 14th. 

Got that pretenders song stuck in my head, its gonna be the anthem tomorrow, at least until I get to where I'm going, and then it'll be bluegrass and banjos.

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