Wednesday, September 18, 2019

DS19 Part 15: Deer Tag Blunders

It's getting dark earlier and earlier every day, bout quarter to 9 right now. Went out shining tonight, saw one doe and two porcupines. Between shining and a couple trail cam checks, you'd think that there are no bucks in my area. Let alone mature ones. Yet somehow, I'm not even close to being discouraged. This is all just stuff to kill time and keep me sane until the season gets here and I can go into the places I hunt and see what's actually going on, find a spot I like and set up and hunt it. Only 12 days until the archery opener.

The exciting thing for me there is that means it's only three days until October 1st pops up on the 10 day forecast. Cant wait to start watching the weather and wind to come up with a game plan. Its also time to quadruple check all my gear and make sure everything is in order.

I purchased my deer tags back in March and couldnt find them a couple days ago. I was sure I lost them so I went up to the DNR today to purchase replacements. I walk out and ask myself, where can I put these so I wont lose them again? I pull my wallet out and think of the perfect spot, only to see my original kill tags there...

Speaking of gear, I had a pretty awesome piece of hunting gear land on my doorstep today. Haven't been this excited about a piece of gear in a long time.


First thing I want to do with it is Bearded Butcher's cajun snack sticks mixed with pepper Jack cheese.

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