Saturday, September 21, 2019

DS19 Part 17: The Oaky Knoll

Kinda looks more like a running track to me than a heavy deer but still a good one 

Found a new spot last night cyber scouting. It's kind of an anomaly for this area. A single hill of mature oaks rising 60 to 80 feet from the area around it, roughly 300yds by 300yds, surrounded by low lying stuff, near a river. We just dont have those kind of small isolated pockets of oaks around here. Usually if you have a little island in the middle of a swamp or marsh here, its aspen, and if you are really lucky maple/beech. But this one is oaks. And what's really cool about it is there are no other oaks for over a mile. But with all holy grails, you always have to work hard to get to them.

I studied the map and it's like I found the Bermuda triangle. No roads go near it. The ones that get within a mile arent really roads.  So today's mission was to figure out how close I can get my car. I drove around for a couple hours coming from multiple directions and was pleasantly surprised with what I came up with. The hike shouldn't be more than an hour. I'm thinking this spot is a strong contender for opening day.

I was feeling good about the find and had a few hours to kill. I checked the weather and saw we had thunderstorms rolling in this evening and winds out of the southwest. The camera that has been taunting me to come check it is perfect for those conditions, so I drove a little over an hour to it.  I'm still going through them and figuring out historical weather data for the days  and times I had pics, but wunderground is acting up. It was on a terrain funnel since 8/11 so lots of pics to get through. I'm crazy excited to see 10/1 on the extended forecast in an hour.

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