Wednesday, September 4, 2019

DS19 Part 13: Amoeba Marsh Trail Cam Check

We got a heavy rain yesterday so I checked the camera I had on the amoeba marsh spot last night. It's been soaking about two and a half weeks. Had a couple does go through twice and a group of three go through once, then a few single does here and there. Interestingly, no fawns. Been seeing a lot of them driving around elsewhere. No bucks but still trying to focus on the positives- it's still summer patterns, now I know bucks arent using that transition to come out of the marsh into the hardwoods. Another positive is in two card pulls, I have yet to have a deer looking at my camera which means carrying a couple sticks and wearing a harness in is worth it.

 The thing that surprised me was I thought I was within 100yds of bedding, which should have translated to seeing them come through earlier in the evening and later in the morning. But the ones coming through in the morning were probably 30 minutes before light, and the evening movement was well after dark except for the group of three which came through about a half hour before sunset.
Using the logic that any bucks in that area are coming through after the does, I need to be further into the bedding area. At least if I hunt that spot in the early season. I also hope to keep tabs on this family group, cause any bucks in the area certainly are. I left the camera there and just swapped the card, wont be back till season whenever I decide to hunt it for the first time.

Gotta go to china for work for a week starting friday. Kinda tempted to check one other camera before I go, mostly because I want to move it 50yds. Will be back the 13th, jet lagged the 14th, and small game hunting or elk calling the two weeks leading up to opening day on 10/1. Kinda starting to feel like christmas eve.

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