Monday, September 30, 2019

DS19 Part 19: Archery Season's Eve

Bow season opens tomorrow! Got home from work and shot the bow for a while. Shot pretty good from 5 to 40 then swapped the practice heads out for the real deal. Got my stand and sticks, bow case and other gear loaded in the car. Been on and off every weather site out there about 80 times tonight trying to settle on where I will hunt tomorrow evening. Wind is forecast to be out of the NW then switching to the NNW from 6 till dark, scattered thunderstorms in the morning with rain coming on and off the rest of the day.

I'm thinking I will do an observation sit on the amoeba marsh. If I can find the right tree, I will be able to see most of the marsh and any deer that enter it, and have a strong chance of shooting them as they parallel or walk into my point. If they stay out of range, I will have more intel and move in for a kill the next sit with the wind I need, which is pretty much any of them as there are points within close proximity to one another for almost any wind. Great spot to be a buck.

The other nice thing is I will be able to pull my trail cam on this spot on my exit. We will see, I have been known to scrap a plan at the last minute after talking myself out of it. Gotta love the mental grind of deer season, especially when it hasnt even started yet.

A cold front is coming wednesday along with easterly winds that will stick around till saturday morning when they are supposed to flip to being out of the south. I have two good spots ready for wednesday and Thursday, not sure for friday, then plan to go into the spot I got the bucks on camera saturday morning and try to get them coming back to their beds. I have two tags which I can use for bucks or doe's, plus an out of state tag. Hopefully in 6 weeks I'm writing about how happy I am to have filled them and am making my own summer sausage. It's going to be a wild ride, not sure I will be able to sleep tonight.

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