Friday, September 20, 2019

DS19 Part 16: A Good Night of Shining

Tonight's shining session was a little more productive. 10 deer, all doe's, 2 coyotes- one which basically walked right up to the car and didnt stop until I growled at it, 1 opossum that did everything it could to get run over but somehow survived, and three elk- one of which was a massive bull. Saw a couple other guys out shining, too. 10 days until the opener, everyone is starting to remember that they like to hunt deer.

I wasnt seeing any deer for the first 45 minutes or so and came into an area that the hound hunters had dragged each side of the road to monitor for bear tracks tomorrow morning. This is normal for most of this area, and being friends with guys who run dogs- and arent really deer hunters- I'm always asking them to let me know when they run into big deer tracks. A light bulb kind of went off, I'm not seeing deer, I should be shining the drag and looking for deer tracks made this evening.

So there I am, shining the road and a pair of headlights pop up behind me, with a spotlight behind them. I quickly raise my light up to look like I'm shining the woods like everyone else, not wanting to give away what I'm up to. Then as they get closer I pull over to let them pass. There are three young kids riding in the back of the truck, huge smiles on their faces, one of which is holding the spotlight. They flip it back on after they pass and continue shining. Made me smile.

I really want to move one of the trail cams I have set. It's not in a horrible spot, but I really want to shift it 50yds east to a transition the deer will start using right about now. As tempting as it is, I think I'm going to leave it, I have to leave it, until I hunt there the first time. Makes no sense to go in and let the deer know they're being hunted this close to the season. But man, it's so tempting to go in there and make a quick move.

I'm musky fishing next weekend, so this weekend will be all about getting my vehicle and gear in final order, out of fishing mode and into hunting mode. I love fishing. Didnt get out near as much as normal this year with a lot going on at work and a foot injury, just under 60 times, but it was a great season, and I'm ready to hunt deer.

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