Monday, August 5, 2019

DS19 Part 4: Looking for Bucks

It wont be long now- saw the first leaves changing color over the weekend.  I have three trail cams out in a couple of the places I hunt in OH, but haven't put any out yet here at home.

Put the first one out yesterday at a spot about an hour from home. Figured I would maximize the drive and do some glassing and shining while I was over that way. I got away from the stock trail camera straps this year and am trying Paracord. I tied a perfection loop in one end, bring it around the tree, pull the free end through and back the opposite direction and tie off with a barrel knot. Easy to untie and gets the camera rock solid, and is way less noticeable than a strap, especially 12' up a tree.

Set up on a large field a half mile from the road. It's kind if a long rectangle of wild grass and flowers- and a lifetime supply of milkweed. The east end is at the top of a hill that slopes down to the west with a big drop in the middle so it's kind of terraced. I set up to glass the last hour of light at the top, then just before it got dark, I started moving slowly along the south edge towards the center so I could see the whole field to shine it. About I had moved about 40yds at last light I hear what kind of sounds like someone whacking at a tree with a machete. The sound is coming from like 40yds into the brush. And then it dawns on me, there is a bear popping its jaws at me. I slowly started walking backwards and it stopped. When I got about 100yds away, I googled "bear popping jaws" and sure enough, that's what was what I heard. Sooo, I didn't shine that field, haha. Got back to the car and shined a few fields in the immediate area, saw a half dozen deer, no bucks.

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