Sunday, August 18, 2019

DS19 Part 8: Bear Crap Chronicles

I should have called this journal the bear crap chronicles. Doesnt matter where I go this year, I cant escape bear sign. It's like the bear population tripled around here. Gotta be all the rain we've had and what it's done for the berries. The bears are eating them and crapping everywhere.

 I had to take it easy the last week, foot injury flared back up. Not sure exactly what's gonna happen there, hopefully find out what the long term plan is this week but I can tell you one thing is for sure, nothing is happening till after November.

 Anti-inflammatories started doing their job and I felt good to hike back into a new to me spot I discovered this spring. It's an amoeba-shaped marsh near the transition between a conifer/cedar swamp and a hardwood ridge. There was some good sign there this spring from last fall and I am REALLY looking forward to hunting there. No idea if the buck that made the sign is decent- though some of the sign suggested there was a nice one around- and I'm not sure if there is anything decent around this year, so I decided I wanted to throw a trail cam up there on the main transition. I wont be able to check this camera again until I hunt there, so hopefully it doesnt wind up stolen. Here is a pic of the area it's looking at.

Basically there are 4 edges here. Not sure exactly where I will end up when I hunt this spot the first time, but this spot is kind of the starting point. If I had to pick a tree today, it would be about 50yds further in where I could hunt a spot that basically is within range of two funnels.

Of course, there was a pile of bear crap near the tree I chose to hang my camera in.

Had a deer blowing at me from the marsh on the walk out. Timed the walk out to the access spot and this spot will be doable for an after work hunt or two. Gotta rack my brain on the right wind direction to hunt it, thermals falling in the evening could make things really tricky. Decided I better stock back up on milkweed so I drove real slow on the way out and picked enough to get me by for a while...

had to stop myself

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