Wednesday, August 21, 2019

DS19 Part 10: Shooting Form Tweaks

Shot a lot of arrows the last couple nights and got my low and right groups figured out. It was actually a combination of two issues, funky anchor was causing the right, forgetting my top pin was at 15 instead of 25 caused the low, haha!

I run a 3 pin slider, with my top pin at 25, middle at 35 and bottom/slider at 45. I switched it around a little this year for shooting longer distances at 3D shoots and had my top at 15, middle at 30 and bottom/slider at 45. The slider can go from 20 to 90 and I've basically just been using it all summer and not messing with the top two pins. Completely forgot where I had them set at...ooof! Once that was figured out, everything was good again.

 Did I tell you about the track I came across out of state scouting earlier this summer?

Yeah. Thought about that spot a lot today and the two trail cams I have had soaking there the last couple months. Which led me to add a few more days to my rutcation. Will be there November 2 to the 13th now. Basically the same dates I was there last year with about 5 more on the front end.

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