Monday, August 12, 2019

DS19 Part 7: Shooting Broadheads

Took the field points off and screwed the broadheads back on tonight. Shot three at 25 and 3 at 40 and they seem to be flying just like my field points and not doing anything funky. I'm gonna shoot slick tricks again this year. I really like how they've performed for me so far in years past and how sharp they are. One of the few broadheads I will use a broadhead wrench on. The first three at 25 were just a sanity check to make sure they were flying right. The second group was at 40 as part of a drill I call the SWAT drill.

Basically I bring the bow to full draw at about 90 degrees to the right or left of the target and pan over to whatever I'm aiming at, make a grunt sound and pull the trigger as quickly as possible. The next arrow I will go 90 degrees the opposite direction and vise versa till I'm out of arrows. The goal is to rush myself and still make a good shot. I made a lot of changes to my setup last year- new bow, accessories, arrows, etc. Everything is the same this year as last so I should really be able to focus on my accuracy and shooting form rather than getting used to a new system.

Thought a lot about the spot I scouted yesterday today at work. Particularly what the best wind would be and how I should access it. Also about what spots I want to set the rest of my trail cameras out in. Still have three left I'd like to have set by Labor day. I know where two will go, just torn on the third.

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