Friday, August 9, 2019

DS19 Part 5: Attack of the Short-Faced Bear

Met my wife and mother-in-law for dinner on the way out to the woods. After we ate, mom says, "Have fun working on your deer blind!" I was kind of offended that she thinks I hunt that way, haha, but I said thanks, said goodbyes and headed for the woods.

Got out to the area I wanted to shine a little early so I took the opportunity to pick some blueberries 

picked enough for pancakes
This has been a heck of a great year for berries with all the rain. Did some driving and glassing from the car, saw half a dozen does and a bunch of elk, here is a pic of 3 bulls.

 The bear hunters are busy training their dogs for the upcoming season. One of the roads I drove had a fresh drag so I left them the biggest bear track of all time :)

All you fudgie hunters better look out for those short-faced bears
Got dark and I shined. Saw a couple does and a few elk, no bucks. Gonna get a few more trailcams out this weekend.

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